Howth as Storm Cell Approaches

Howth as Storm Cell Approaches


Weather Cell Approaches Howth

It was one of those typical Irish days, the usual four seasons in an hour, I was out in Dun Laoghaire for a meeting but as I was early I decided to have a walk along the pier as I knew the weather was volatile and I had my camera equipment with me, the sun had come out and looked like it was staying out for a while, when I got about halfway down the pier I saw that the same faith would not befall Howth for long.

There were a few flashes of lightning as this massive round cell crept up behind Howth, I haven't seen many like this in Ireland and I had the perfect perspective as there were no obstacles in the way, this picture is just before Howth was pelted by hail and rain but still enjoying the sunshine, it did not last for long!


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