Alone on Grafton Street

Poolbeg chimneys with Moon between (Limited Edition)


On Christmas night a couple have Grafton Street all to themselves...

I met the couple at the north end of Grafton Street, they were really nice people, two tourists enjoying the emptiness of the city, they we're taking pictures of each other on their mobile phone and I asked if they wanted me to take some pictures of them together, the answer was "Yes, please" we strolled up the street a bit talking about pictures and how amazing the street was completely empty, they stopped at the Phil Lynnot statue outside Bruxelles and I went on ahead, as they were coming up towards me I got this shot, I said to them to contact me but there might have been something lost in translation, as I have not heard anything yet...

I don't know where they came from, and I don't know where they went, but I know they enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed meeting them.


Images by David Costello ©2010-2015 All Rights Reserved.