Poolbeg chimneys with Moon between (Limited Edition)

Poolbeg chimneys with Moon between (Limited Edition)


The Poolbeg Chimneys are an iconic part of the Dublin skyline, can bee seen from nearly everywhere in Dublin and far beyond, they are also a beacon for people who are leaving or arriving by plane or boat. This shot very nearly didn't happen, there is only a very certain time once every few years that I knew this shot would look right, the weather did not look good at all for getting the shot and I was asked to do to another shoot starting a few hours beforehand, as I had given up due to weather I went to the other shoot, the shoot went perfectly (and quickly) so I had a quick look on my mobile and realised that the cloud was going to thin out, as I had most of my kit with me I was going to head for my 'ground zero' there was quite a rush across town to get to the my chosen place but as I arrived the cloud did thin and I got the picture I wanted, the breaking cloud made the shot even better than I thought it would be!

This edition is limited in the larger sizes

Mounting and framing can be arranged for limited prints, please contact for mounting and framing options before you purchase.

There were 10 large 30"x 20" prints
100 medium 24" x 16" prints
Print numbers shall be updated when sold out.
There will be unlimited prints in the small size (12" x 8")


Images by David Costello ©2010-2015 All Rights Reserved.